Join our hands to conserve nature!

Why Conservation?

Why Conservation?

We Love Nature

Nature blesses us with a supply of resources and natural processes. It provides water, food and air. It cycles nutrients and controls climate. Nature enriches and enlightens us with its beauty and vigour. We enjoy the vibrant colours, striking shapes, spirited sounds, refreshing fragrance, delicious tastes and pleasant textures. Product designs and cultural works can involve animals, plants and natural landscapes. We have fun and memories of mountains, beaches and seas. As a part of nature, humans share all these blessings with other living things.

It is nature that nurtures us. It delights us with awe and wonder. We need it and we love it, but are we showing it our respect?

We Owe Nature

Nature is losing the balance. Around 10,000 species of flora and fauna are now endangered. They are driven towards the edge of existence through overexploitation, habitat destruction, pollution and climate change. All living things are interdependent on each other as resources are transferred among them. If a habitat is destroyed, many lives are doomed. If a species becomes extinct, others are subsequently on the brink. How would our lives become? Animals and plants would only exist in memories and records. We would face energy, food and fresh water crises that could be the worst in human history. Everyone would struggle for survival.

Nature grants its gifts for all living things to share. However, our resource consumption is much faster than the regeneration in nature. Are we allowing ourselves, our future generations, as well as other animals and plants to enjoy the vital resources for life?

We Conserve Nature

Nature is calling for help. It requires our care and respect to regain its balance. If we have the intelligence to develop our man-made territory out of the natural world, then we should have the wisdom to play a cooperative role in nature. Take actions on nature conservation. Learn about nature and support conservation projects. Protect animals and plants. Conserve their habitats. Adopt a sustainable lifestyle and use natural resources wisely.

Pass on the legacy of nature. Let us live in harmony with what we need, and what we love.